The political class is abuzz with speculation that Hillary Clinton might pick popular Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate, which would make Clinton's ticket the first time a presidential and vice presidential candidate have shared the same gender since most times. Of course, the difference this time is that Clinton and Warren are both women, and would therefore possibly experience double the sexism that a single-woman ticket would.

But let's not talk about that now. Let's talk about a matriarchal paradise where the entire country is run by women, yaas kween, etc. etc. In that paradise, would you be satisfied with an incredibly intelligent, compassionate, and accomplished woman like Elizabeth Warren filling the veep seat? Or would you choose Beyoncé, with the full knowledge that she would end all her speeches with a fireworks show? Let's look at some more, ahem, exciting choices for Clinton's running mate, because politics is about nothing but visceral excitement now thanks to Donald Trump.