Shortly after losing the absolute garbage nightmare of an election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was spotted by a mom and daughter out for a hike in Chappaqua, New York—and had Bill Clinton take their photo. It seemed that Hillary was optimistic and resolute even in defeat, looking to the future.

Then, because god forbid we have something nice go unruined for two seconds, the poor mom started receiving death threats from Trump supporters, and said she wished the story would just go away. This, however, did not deter another mom and daughter from getting a pic with the almost-first-woman-president while out for a hike over the week of Thanksgiving.


It's another cute story, and we're glad Hillary is making the most of her free time as a civilian—even as Green Party candidate Jill Stein mounts an vote recount in several key states that narrowly went to Trump. But some are becoming concerned that the long-suffering Democrat is permanently lost in the woods.

What could it all mean?


Is there any way we can... get her back?

Is she in danger?

Should we hike out there and seek her counsel?


Is she destined to become a myth?

Has she made a home out there?

Should we follow her lead?


Could the wilderness hold the answers?

Are there connections we're not seeing?

Is it worth the trek to see her?


How the hell is she still smiling?

Most importantly, does she just want to be left alone?

Also, what does the future hold?


It's hard to say what sort of enlightenment she's looking for out there, or how long it'll take to find it. But when you're ready, Hillary, civilization will be waiting here for your return. Uh, probably.