During a routine press briefing on Tuesday, press secretary Sean Spicer compared Hitler favorably to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, claiming that even Hitler "didn’t even sink to the level of using chemical weapons" during World War II. That is, of course, entirely incorrect. In the wake of Spicer's uninformed comments, which caused an immediate backlash on social media, a Holocaust survivor is now speaking out against him. He shared his thoughts with in a video that's now gone viral.

Holocaust survivor has a message for spicer

This holocaust survivor has a powerful message for Sean Spicer, following the press secretary's horrifying comments about Hitler.

Posted by Mic on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spicer has since apologized for his comments several times:

But for Holocaust survivor Roman Kent, an apology isn't adequate. Sean Spicer defended himself by saying, "Everyone makes mistakes," which is true, but Kent points out that Spicer's comment wasn't a mistake, it was "complete, total ignorance of the most important issue that prevailed during the last war, from which so many millions of people died."


Roman Kent continues, "To have a person ignorant like this at the helm of our government — because press secretary is very important — it’s tragic. It’s not a mistake; it’s a tragedy."

On his thoughts about whether Spicer should lose his job over this gaffe, Kent says,

Whether he should be fired or not, I am not in charge, I am not the president of the United States, but as far as I am concerned, a man so ignorant should not be our representative. Ignorance is not an excuse. Not from a man like this, on a high position like this. He represents the president. So this is why it's incomprehensible.


Great job, Spicer! At least he'll probably refrain from comparing anyone to Hitler ever again.