A group of 1,163 pro-Beijing government officials elected Carrie Lam as Hong Kong's next chief executive, putting the residents of the 7.3 million person city further under the thumb of a mainland government they resent. You can read about it over at the New York Times.

But when you're done, come back here and read about the dick jokes.

Carrie Lam won the vote with 777 ballots cast in her favor. In Cantonese, the word "7" is slang for penis. Can you guess what "777" is slang for?

Erect penis!

Or it's just three penises in a row. There's also some confusion in English-language media over whether "777" refers to erections or impotency, with Mashable asserting the former and Bloomberg the latter. It seems like it's largely up to interpretation, with some just using the word as a stand-in for "stupid."

Rest assured, it has to do with the penis. Reporters heard the announcement and couldn't keep it together.


Social media was obviously brutal.

#我真係恭喜你呀 #大家有個好撚柒特首 #柒柒柒 #永恆的柒

Posted by 豬屎新聞 Juicy News on Saturday, March 25, 2017

(Translation: #IReallyCongraulateYou #EverybodyWillHaveSuchADickChief #777 #ForeverAPenis")

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, Carrie Lam denied "appearing hesitant" as she heard the tally of votes.

"You reporters always exaggerate my facial expression."

Well, sure. But the dangers of the 7 are something Apple learned the hard way too, when their campaign for the iPhone 7—"this is 7"—translated to "this is penis."

Stay classy, Hong Kong protesters! Take it from Americans still deriding Trump for his tiny hands—it gets old, but if you do it long enough, it gets funny again.