Senator Ted Cruz, a member of the most prestigious lawmaking body on the planet, was in New Hampshire this weekend trying to scare (mostly) senior citizens about how Obama and his healthcare program are destroying American values and goodness. In the process, he accidentally scared the daylights out of a 3-year-old girl who hadn't yet developed the mental capacity to distinguish metaphor from reality.

If a little girl thinks the world is actually on fire, Ted Cruz isn't going to clarify that for her, because she should be scared, dammit. She should be very scared, and Ted Cruz isn't going to use his inside voice just because he's inside and he's bringing little girls to the verge of tears. Senator Ted Cruz is going to tell those little girls how it f***ing is, dammit. So what if this girl will probably grow up to be a terrified individual who believes the entire world is out to get her and that only strong angry men willing to stand up to Barack Obama can save her? That's kind of literally the idea.

Sources: Zane Andrew on YouTube