An exclusive interview with the 'Sassy Gay Republican' whose health care hypocrisy went viral.

An exclusive interview with the 'Sassy Gay Republican' whose health care hypocrisy went viral.

If you've been on Twitter this week, perhaps you caught the trending "drama in four acts" starring a Twitter user named Sassy Gay Republican. Also known as Alex, the 21-year-old Arizona-based pizza deliveryman is known for criticizing health care and other human rights that democrats often fight for.

Recently, someone shared a series of the Twitter personality's tweets that succinctly sum up what he is going through right now:

Basically, after posting endless tweets criticizing health care (not only Obamacare, but also the idea of insurance in general), Sassy Gay Republican was in a car accident while on the job delivering pizzas. He claims his insurance wouldn't cover his injuries (nor would his auto insurance cover damages to his car), so he's trying to raise $15,000 on GoFundMe to cover "medication, physical therapy, used car, medical bills." He wrote on GoFundMe that the hospital "didn't accept my insurance" and that "the bill will likely be in the thousands."

Tons of people, Chrissy Teigen included, pointed out the hypocrisy in him castigating universal heath care (he believes the free market should take over insurance) and then asking for donations to cover what insurance might have otherwise covered after his alleged accident.


Plus, people have pointed out that the photo he shared of his alleged car accident seems to be from 2015.

Someecards spoke with Sassy Gay Republican over Twitter DM to get some more details on the situation.

Someecards: What injuries did you sustain in the accident?

Sassy Gay Republican: My hips received rub burns from the seatbelt. My chest and my lower back sustained swelling as well as bruising.

Can you explain in a little more detail why your health care did not cover your injuries in the accident?


They told me that because I was on the job, they didn't want to cover it. With this, I assume my work has liability so they will be covering it.

Do you think Obamacare would have helped in this situation?

How would Obamacare help me? I already have health insurance. Not to mention, I'm only 21 so I'm on my parents' plan.

Author's note: Obamacare critic and conservative pundit Tomi Lahren made headlines for admitting she is still on her parents' health care, a provision protected by, you guessed it, Obamacare. So, yes, just by being on his parents' health insurance, Sassy Gay Republican is benefiting from Obamacare.


Why do you think Obamacare is not a good law?

Since Obamacare, you're probably aware Arizona premiums went up over 100%. For my family, over the years, our health insurance has almost tripled so we were forced to lower our coverage just to get by. It costs our family $20k per year and it's still rising!

How have your opinions on health care changed after this situation?

My views have definitely not changed because the injuries I sustained and the accident, itself, cost far less than the yearly premiums. Look at the facts: premiums rise and they continue to rise. That money that's being used on health care could have funded my college so I could pick a better plan that works for me.


Why did you decide to make a GoFundMe to raise money for this?

When I ask from the government I feel like I'm stealing from those being forced to pay into it. When I ask in a charitable way, it's more meaningful because people actually want to give.

How do you respond to people criticizing your GoFundMe?

I'd tell her to focus on her life and I'll focus on mine. Why does it bother them so much?

Earlier today, you tweeted: "Liberals don't want to debate with you. They wanna fight, scream, argue, & call you names till you back down. That's their mental disorder." Considering liberals/Democrats are the ones fighting for equal rights, and the current Republican administration doesn't seem to care about protecting same-sex marriage rights, why do you feel this way?


Have you looked at my comments section? They're coming in like a swarm, threatening, criticizing, and attacking me verbally. I was born in Russia so I know "equality" didn't work based on the fall of Communism. People should open a history book.

How do you respond to the allegations that the photo from your alleged car crash is from 2015?

Well do you believe everything online? Notice how that image is conveniently cropped out so no one can actually search up and confirm it. Many are calling me a fraud but that's a huge mistake if I decide to post my medical and police records, which I might have to. But, I'll hold off on that unless it's absolutely imperative. I'm in close contact with GoFundMe and they have documentation. Hence, why my campaign isn't taken down.


Author's note: Sassy Gay Republican was kind enough to indulge me in some questions of a more personal nature:

Someecards: Do you have any gay conservative friends?

Sassy Gay Republican: I have many and you never hear about them because look at all this backlash I'm getting for being an outspoken gay conservative. Nobody deserves all this hate.

Would you date a liberal?

Why would I date someone who's progressively making both of our lives worse? Not to mention, both of our votes would cancel each other out.