The best swag and signs at the 2016 Iowa Caucus.

The best swag and signs at the 2016 Iowa Caucus.

Monday, February 1st is the Iowa Caucus—the first official Day of Reckoning in the 2016 campaign. While Iowa (and the rest of the country) has been inundated with ads and speeches for months, people are still trying to make day-of efforts to support their favorite candidates. Thus, Iowans are sporting swag out the gills today, and the gear is great (and in some cases, weird, like the Bernieasaurus).

1. The dank meme button.

2. The shirt that's meta for photographers.

3. The sign that references old World War II propaganda.

4. This fiery Feel the Bern pin.

For the good people of #Iowa: #FeelTheBern #IowaCaucus

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5. The Broad City-Hillary crossover episode shirt.

6. The pleasantly surprising shirt.


7. The Bernie cookie.

Bernie Sanders cookie. #IowaCaucus

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8. The honest signs.

In honor of today, here are my souvenirs from campaigning a few weeks ago! #iowacaucus

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9. The punny throwback shirt.

10. The personalized shirt.


11. This Democratic Socialist dragon.

12. The onesie with a humanizing perspective.

It's caucus day, Iowa! Let's do this! #IowaCaucus

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13. The underwear that could get sh*ttier than the Republican field.

14. The bipartisan cookies.


15. The table that will remind you that Rand is still running.

16. The Bernie Bear.

17. The Jeb! dog.