John Green is one of Millennial America's favorite people and authorities on current events, so the young-adult author and YouTube educator decided to address the recent hubbub over allegations that the 2016 election will be rigged. Green has good news and bad news, and they're both the same thing: the U.S. election is very complicated. Probably too complicated to effectively rig. Green begins his arguments by debunking the rigging claims Democrats made against Bush in 2004 regarding the results in Ohio.


The reason the U.S. election is difficult to rig (and numerous independent and international studies have found the system to be sound) is that there are essentially thousands of mini-elections in every town and county. This is great because the election isn't run by party hacks but mostly by local volunteers who just love America. On the other hand, people from, say, rural areas don't trust, say, urban areas to run their own election. But fear not, please. Please! There are two parties in this country that hate each other, and they both investigate the ever-living crap out of the other. Here are all the documented cases of in-person voter fraud:


That's 31 cases in 16 years. On any given year, more people are likely to be killed (not just struck) by lightning.

Finally, to address one persistent rumor: well-known liberal billionaire George Soros neither owns a stake in the voting machine company Smartmatic nor will Smartmatic machines be used in any state on Nov. 2.


Just for good measure, here are Green's sources for this video:

CGP Grey's video on the electoral college:
The 2004 U.S. Presidential election between George W. Bush and John Kerry was not stolen by Bush in Ohio. Here is Farhad Manjoo's complete analysis of the vote rigging claims:

More about how the U.S. House of Representatives has occasionally selected the President:

George Soros does not have (and has never had) any investment in the voting machine company Smartmatic, and also Smartmatic machines will not be used in the 2016 election:

The study purporting to show that a high percentage of non-citizen U.S. residents vote has been thoroughly debunked by peer-reviewed research:

Election law expert Chris Ashby explains the many reasons why the U.S. Presidential vote will not be rigged, why voting machines cannot be secretly adjusted, and why the highly decentralized U.S. election system makes widespread fraud extremely unlikely:

Five Reasons Not to Worry about a Rigged Election:

Republican and Democrat elected officials agree that our system of elections is "more secure than it’s ever been in our nation’s history."

A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation in American elections found 31 incidents out of a billion votes cast:

Absentee voter fraud is somewhat more common than in-person voter fraud, but still very rare:

Voting law experts agree that official election fraud is becoming " increasingly rare" in the United States, NOT more common. heroically tackles each of Donald Trump's assertions about voter fraud in turn:


So, go to the polls. Vote your heart out. Root against the other team. But when it's all said and done, someone is going to be in the office of the Presidency, and one rare thing George W. Bush and I agree on is the quote Green uses in this video: the office of the Presidency is always more important than the person who holds it. Whoever wins, it will be up to them to be a President for all Americans. Let's all be Americans and pick a President.