Today in real news that feels like fake news: Ivanka Trump, who keeps using her dad's presidency to sell stuff, is now selling herself! In a platonic way, of course. And to raise money for her brother Eric's foundation to benefit St Jude’s Children Research Hospital. So while this is still very weird and Trump-like, at least it's weird and Trump-like for a good cause!

Auction charity website Charity Buzz is currently offering one "lucky" bidder and a guest the opportunity to go on a "coffee date" with the future First Daughter of the United States. The estimated value of the date is a whopping 50K, which seems like a lot to spend for 30-45 minutes with anyone, let alone Ivanka Trump. But with 11 days left to bid, the price has already gone up to $18,500. So it's possible they'll get the full amount. And as we all know by now, literally anything is possible when you're a Trump.


The date will take place at a Trump building in either DC or NYC, in 2017, after her dad is officially in office. The winning bidder will be heavily vetted to keep out potential creeps and foes, and the date will (of course) be accompanied by secret service​. Fun times!

As far as the winning bidder, any guesses as to who would want a date with Ivanka this badly and also be able to afford it? Hmmm....

Sources: Charity Buzz