Last Saturday night in Washington, D.C., the ultimate activist/dance party group WERK for Peace marched to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's house to protest the administration's dangerous rejection of climate science. That is, despite Ivanka claiming to be enlightened on matters of the deteriorating planet.

While the block party was lit and featured joyful dancers in gay pride gear, the true star of the show wasn't a dancer, but a spectator.


Ivanka Trump's neighbor grabbed her fur coat and her wine to enjoy the show.

The neighbor was identified by the Daily Mail as Dianne Bruce, who quickly became an icon of #TheResistance.


Zooming in:

Bruce looked like a certain queen from the Seven Kingdoms.

It's a perfect ensemble.

The fur coat.

The bling.


The wine.

This picture is perfect for everyone missing Big Little Lies, but it's better because it's real. (Side bar: Ivanka is totally an evil Renata who thinks she's a Madeleine.)

Cheers, Ms. Bruce. See you at the next protest party.