Ivanka Trump, Donald's most favorite daughter, appears to be evacuating the sinking ship that is the Trump campaign, trying to make sure she survives the disaster.

In an interview at Fortune's Most Powerful Woman Summit (which sounds like proof of the Illuminati), Trump insisted that she is "not a surrogate" and does not play a role in the campaign beyond advocating for child care, so please still buy her shoes.

She straight-up denies being a campaign surrogate, and even rejects the word.


“I hate that word, what does that mean?” She continued, “No, I am a daughter. I don't express my views on policy with one exception: as it relates to child care and advocating for women."

She's boarding the lifeboat. You know, women and children first.

Trump hammered home the idea that she's simply a daughter, and while she said “I am very, very proud of what he's accomplished, and he's been a great dad to me” (eek), she continued, “I am not the campaign mastermind that people love to portray.”


Trump must be sick and tired of defending her dad's sexist comments as we are of hearing them. She threw shade when she was asked about the Access Hollywood tape right out of the gate.

"Way to warm up," she said, in a tone that quite simply scared the sh*t out of me.


Despite her insisting that she is her own person with her own life and views, Trump wasn't afraid of hitting one of her dad's most dangerous talking points: that the democracy is rigged.

Time will tell if Ivanka Trump's shoes, jewelry and women's empowerment brand can survive this sexist volcano of a campaign. But in the meantime, only 19 days to go until this dumpster fire is finally extinguished.