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Ivanka Trump tweeted about solar eclipse glasses. Twitter trolled her blind.

Ivanka Trump tweeted about solar eclipse glasses. Twitter trolled her blind.


It's safe to say that everyone who tried and failed to buy solar eclipse glasses in time for Monday's solar eclipse is pretty jealous of those who managed to snag a pair. To make matters worse, Ivanka Trump, daughter of our climate change-denying president, got to experience the eclipse from the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. And she probably got her eclipse glasses for free, too.

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to share a Boomerang of herself decked out in her solar eclipse glasses, emblazoned with the NASA logo.

She also shared a photo of herself wearing what looks like regular sunglasses (probably Ivanka Trump brand...), from inside the National Air and Space Museum.

And on Sunday, the day before the eclipse, she shared a graphic explaining how the eclipse works. Hey Ivanka, in case you didn't realize, that's SCIENCE! Science is REAL!

The internet pointed out the irony in Ivanka Trump's sudden passion for the solar eclipse.

Some suggested other uses for Ivanka's glasses.

Others jumped at the chance to make jokes at Donald Trump's expense.

The president reportedly refused to wear eclipse glasses.

And some expressed how grateful they are that Ivanka the scientist is always there to educate her fans.

To be fair, Ivanka Trump has reportedly made efforts to get her father on board with the fact that climate change is real. However, her role in her father's administration doesn't do much to distance herself from the climate change-denial movement.

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