Ivanka Trump, America's Princess Royal and sentient swatch of millennial pink, is on board with her White House's decision to scrap an Obama era rule designed to fight pay discrimination.

The Trump administration is halting a program that required employers with 100 or more employees to hand over data on salaries alongside gender, race, and ethnicity in an effort to address discriminatory pay disparities. The plan was designed to hold businesses accountable for pay inequality among women and minority groups, but the White House would rather not.

The White House is also legit not implementing the program because the sheer amount of paperwork it would cause, claiming that it doesn't adhere to the federal Paperwork Reduction Act.


Ivanka's dumb book, public persona, and even her speech at the Republican National Convention, is built on her supposed advocacy for women.

The unpaid White House Assistant to Daddy said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal that she's on board with the government failing to get empirical data on the wage gap in a statement full of SAT words:

Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results. We look forward to continuing to work with [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission], [the Office of Management and Budget], Congress and all relevant stakeholders on robust policies aimed at eliminating the gender wage gap.


Girl. How can you work on the issue if you don't have the data?

As Jezebel notes, Ivanka's vague platitudes feature "no mention of race, or ethnicity, or substantial policy alternatives, only the vague invocation of “gender” alongside the boardroom buzzwords 'relevant stakeholders.'"

This comes as a surprise to approximately no one, because the gap between her tweets and her deeds is even wider than the gap between wages for women and men.


Earlier this year, the Institute for Women's Policy Research published a report that found "women’s median weekly earnings for full-time work were $749 in 2016 compared with $915 for men."

Even Anne Frank is pissed.

And Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette who frickin' broke my heart in Boyhood.


The myth of a Feminist Progressive Shero Ivanka has been long dead, and this is just another nail in the coffin.