Jason Chaffetz—Republican Congressman, House Oversight Committee Chairman, and off-brand Donny Osmond—returned home to Utah's 3rd district and could not handle his constituents' heckles.

His role on the House Oversight Committee makes him the dude who could (and should) investigate President Donald Trump's vast conflicts of interest, and over 1,000 people showed up at his town hall, many of them insisting that he does his job.


Chaffetz—the dude who subjected Hillary Clinton to 11-hour Benghazi hearing—rushed out early when his constituents asked him to apply to Trump the same scrutiny and grilled him on a number of important issues.

He got booed when he said he wanted to abolish the Department of Education.

An ex-teacher asked if/how he'd be willing to discipline Trump, and suggested impeachment instead of detention.


A 10-year-old girl burned him with, "Do you believe in science, because I do."

Chaffetz did admit to some wrongdoing in Trumpland, saying that it was "wrong, wrong, wrong" for Kellyanne Conway to pitch Ivanka Trump's sh*t on TV.

At the end of the night, he simply ran away.


And got booed.

Poor Chaffetz. It's tough when your job is to represent people and you're scared of the people you represent.