And the award for Most Convoluted Attempt To Make It Seem Like The Real Scandal Is People Being Too Easily Offended goes to:

If you don't know what an anchor baby is, let me explain it to you: it's an American citizen. According to the US Constitution (a document most politicians usually claim is good), if a baby is born on US soil, it's American. This is really irritating if the baby's parents are filthy foreigners, however. In the imagination of conservatives like Donald Trump and Sam Brownback, our border with Mexico is awash with heavily pregnant women crossing the desert just to squat down on American territory and give birth to a bouncing baby meal ticket to America's luxurious welfare state of food stamps, emergency rooms, and underfunded public schools. As a result, the label is seen as less-than-friendly by Hispanic voters, who hear (100% correctly) the unspoken desire that there be less of them in America.

Sources: Jerry Pace