Jeb Bush, now with free time, replied to this guy's email about a discount on a guacamole bowl.

Jeb Bush, now with free time, replied to this guy's email about a discount on a guacamole bowl.

Jeb! Bush was shaved out of the presidential race last week, officially pulling the plug after the South Carolina primary. 

Anthony Breach, a British political activist following the campaign from afar, wondered what Jeb! dropping out meant for the remaining swag in the campaign store. Breach was really excited about the guacamole bowl, but with the price too steep for a recent college graduate, he reached out to Jeb! himself to see if he would be running a sale.

Since dropping out, Jeb! now has time to rock out with his guac out.

The email opens with Breach sweetly offering his condolences and relating the Republican race to the domestic politics in Britain.

Dear Jeb!,

Very sorry to hear about your recent defeat in the Republican Presidential Primaries. It's always difficult conceding electoral defeat after investing the degree of time and effort you do into what you believe it. Not sure how closely you follow domestic politics in Britain, but as a campaigner for Liz Kendall in the 2015 Labour Party Prmary who went on to gain 4.5% of the vote in a contest ultimately won by  aradical with limited public appeal, I can sympathise.

I'm just dropping you an email to ask what the arrangements are for some of the Jeb! stash you have for sale on your website. Some of it, especially the tank top and the guac bowl, are particularly fetching, but as a recent graduate living in London I cannot quite afford to splash out at the current prices, and I'm afraid limited stocks will mean the supply soon runs out. Will you be running a sale soon on the remaining stash?

Best Wishes,



Within three minutes, Breach got a reply from Bush, because he now has plenty of free time.

I have no idea but I will check. That is pretty funny.


The post-presidential race Jeb! signed his email with a solemn "jeb," sans exclamation point.

While he won't be president with access to secret launch codes, he'll always have his secret guacamole recipe.