George W. Bush was a bad president, but now that there's an even worse one, he's America's cuddliest grandpa.

The Dubya redemption tour that began in his painting studio continues with his daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, saying that the dude who resurrected the global gag rule is, in fact, a feminist.

Bush Hager told People:

People laugh at this, but I think my dad was a feminist. He showed us that we could be whatever we wanted to be. I want my girls to feel that way. I want them to feel strong and capable and feel like they can conquer the world.


And yes, people do laugh at the idea that George W. Bush is a feminist.

George W. Bush was a decorated general in the War on Women, rolling back reproductive rights and withdrawing support for a Senate women's rights treaty.

This is all a part of our fun, inescapable, Trump-era rabbit hole where words have no meaning.

George W. Bush is a feminist in the same way that Ivanka Trump is a feminist—evoking the F-word when it's good for #branding, but going against the principles when it comes to enacting policies.


But words can mean whatever you want! Ivanka Trump famously told Gayle King, "If being complicit is wanting to, is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact than I'm complicit."

So when it comes to George W. Bush, if being a feminist means loving his daughters but not using his position of power to ensure rights to other women who didn't spring from his loins, then yes, George W. Bush is a feminist.

Sources: People Magazine