With Bernie supporters being the most vocal on Facebook, some people are having a hard time believing that Hillary indeed won the popular vote for the Democratic nomination. (Of course, Trump supporters are the most vocal in general. Even their hats are all-caps.)

Some people are even singing (to the tune of "Eleanor Rigby") "All the Hillary supporters...where do they all come from?" (Author's note: no one else is humming that? It's just me? Okay. Moving on.)

Writer and comedian Joanna Castle Miller wrote a Facebook post that is going viral on Twitter (she took a screenshot of the original). Miller has a lot of insight into the campaign—even though she's a liberal, her father is Darrell Castle, the real, live third party candidate of the right-wing Constitution Party. Traveling around the country and meeting voters and supporters of all kinds, she noted something unique about Hillary supporters. It maybe explains why you see (and hear) Sanders & Trump supporters all over the Internet but only saw Hillary supporters in vote tallies. Here's the solution to the mystery of the missing Hillary fans.