For the last Last Week Tonight of the year, John Oliver was treated to a smorgasbord of material all thanks to our new President-Elect, Donald Trump. Oliver focused his entire episode on the results of the election, questioning how the hell this could have happened and where we go from here.

Although Oliver discusses all facets of the election, perhaps the centerpiece of the episode is the discussion surrounding the spread of misinformation through social media that may have aided Trump in his win. While Trump constantly slandered (and continues to slander) fact-based reporting, many Americans on both sides supplemented their news with bogus articles, fake statistics, and conspiracy theories.


Oliver ended the final episode of the season with a completely glorious montage of people sticking it to 2016, one of the shittiest years in recent memory. Go ahead, throw up a couple of middle fingers and scream into the sky— it's very cathartic.

Well, if anything positive came out of this agonizing year, it has to be that catchy new national anthem. It does sound awfully familiar, though.