Oh, is it injustice o'clock, already?

Whatever your view on the Ferguson protests and Darren Wilson case, anyone who had gotten emotionally invested in that story had a severe case of whiplash yesterday when the nation suddenly had to absorb the news that another grand jury had declined to indict another police officer in what seemed a much more cut-and-dry case than that of Michael Brown. The asphyxiation of Eric Garner by a plainclothes police officer as he was being arrested for selling loose cigarettes was caught on camera, seen by many witnesses, and verified by a coroner. That it could not even go to trial was a very big surprise, much more so than in Missouri. The news came out late in the news day yesterday, and the folks at the Daily Show, including Stewart himself, had very little time to process it. What they did do very well, however, was capture the feeling a lot of folks are having while trying to reconcile this stream of non-indictments with our preconceptions of the society we share.

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