"Bangable" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just did the one thing he could do to become even sexier: he made half of his new cabinet women. According to NBC News, this puts Canada in third place for having the most women represented in government—they're just behind Finland, Sweden, and Cape Verde; and tied with France and Liechtenstein in that third-place spot. (A quick Google search reveals that pretty much the only other place France, Liechtenstein, and Canada are tied is on bloggers' "places I want to visit someday" lists.)

But perhaps even better than creating gender parity in his cabinet was the response Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist, gave when a reporter asked him why he did it: "Because it's 2015." Which is wonderful, but does that mean that those of us in countries without governmental gender parity are living in 1958 and we had no idea? Crap. 

Sources: h/t The Slot | NBC News