Before walking onstage, Larry Wilmore got gently ribbed by the President, who described him as the black guy who replaced Jon Stewart, adding "you're the South African one, right?" If that seemed like a zinger at the beginning of the night, it looked like a gentle caress by the time Wilmore got off the stage after turning a comedic flamethrower on the media establishment in the audience. If President Obama's routine showed why we'd miss his comic timing next year, Wilmore's showed that while the media loves reporting on the media, they don't enjoy hearing it criticized in person. People online loved it, though. "Alleged journalist" Don Lemon flipped him off, MSNBC went silent with anger, and one of the jokes was just "Seriously, why is Wolf Blitzer still on the air?" Then, of course, there was the finale, which will give Fox & Friends a reason to act outraged until the end of the Obama Administration: