Bernice King is a minister, civil rights advocate, CEO, and the youngest child of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Damn, that's quite the resumé.

In her free time, she's also an active Twitter user, where she continues in her father's footsteps by speaking out against racism and inequality.

Recently, she has been tweeting her support for #TakeAKnee, the NFL movement to protest police violence against black Americans.


On Sunday, King noted the parallel between people taking a knee to protest police violence, and her father's historical civil rights work. "People didn't approve of the way my father protested injustice either; said he was causing trouble, called him an 'outside agitator,'" she wrote.

She also pointed out that many people use her father's words and actions "out of context" to make points he wouldn't even have agreed with.


But then along came, yup, a dude. And this dude tried to explain MLK's legacy to Bernice King, MLK'S DAUGHTER. This is the Dictionary definition of "mansplaining" and so much worse.

"Please don't take an honest man and turn him into something that's not him," wrote @Robert23003286, WHOEVER THAT IS. "He believed in peaceful protests, you tarnish his legacy."


Umm, did this dude just tell MLK Jr's OWN DAUGHTER she's "tarnishing" her dad's legacy? Why yes, yes he did. The fact that he's white is unsurprising, but only makes it worse.

Twitter rapidly took @Robert23003286 to task. It's beautiful to behold.

Others are just truly fed up, and can you blame them?

Meanwhile, King clearly brushed it off and is back to tweeting about more important, productive topics.

Fiiiiiiine, we won't quit Twitter just yet.