Melania and Donald Trump are handling the sexual assault allegations against him as calmly and rationally as they do everything else, so not very calm and rational at all.

A big chunk of Good Morning America was dedicated to a sit-down with the Trump family on Thursday, October 27th, and interviewer George Stephanopoulos grilled them both on Trump's proposed lawsuits against his 11 (eleven!) accusers.

When asked about these accusations directly, Trump, ever the adult, blew up with "Oh, give me a break!" before continuing to call them liars.


Trump then surprised Melania on air with the news that she'll be giving "two or three" campaign speeches, to which she let out a surprised, "Oh!"

We actually have an exclusive sneak peak at the speech right here.

Another little unscripted moment was when Melania talked about about Barron, she said "my son" before correcting herself to say "our son." You can't help but feel sorry for Melania in the moment, because you know that Donald has probably only seen Barron 10 times in his 10 years, and notoriously said that men who take care of their kids are acting "like the wife."


It is very stilted and awkward, as the divorce clock ticks before Trump trades her in for a younger model. At the age of 46, she is the oldest Trump wife yet, and deserves to roam free in her twilight years.

Attempt to stomach the whole joint interview here.