Who is Melania Trump?

She is the first lady, but she didn't live in the White House. She is rumored to be miserable, according to Us Weekly, and pictures and GIFs of her and Donald suggest a complicated relationship.

Writer Kate Imbach analyzed the photos Melania Trump has taken and tweeted in order to try and unlock some clues about what the first lady is like.


Imbach comes to some pretty harrowing conclusions, calling the fist lady a "fairytale prisoner by choice."

“I noticed that in the three-year period between June 3, 2012 and June 11, 2015 she tweeted 470 photos which she appeared to have taken herself,” Imbach writes. “I examined these photographs as though they were a body of work.”

Twitter: @MelaniaTrump

In the three year period, Melania Trump only posted one picture of her and Donald. The photo is almost entirely of Donald, as she's covered by a shadow at the bottom of the frame.


There is only one photo of her and Barron.

Twitter: @Melaniatrump

“It was also the only occasion when she posted a photograph of his whole face,” Imbach explains. “She disguised him the same way she disguised herself, in the little boy-version of her big sunglasses—ski goggles.”

Kate Imbach concludes that Melania Trump "wants to protect him" and to her, "protection means hiding."


Melania Trump's photos are taken from car windows, towers, and airplanes. Isolated from the outside world.


Imbach tallied them up: Melania Trump had posted 74 pictures of her view from Trump Tower, 57 photos from inside cars and 67 from her private plane.

Even her selfies are blurred and obscured.


Some might say the rest of the photos are pretty sad. Not SAD! like Donald Trump, but "sad," like, true human emotions.

Imbach really goes after Melania Trump, calling her "the woman least fit for public service in the entirety of the United States of America":


We all have a tendency to repeat the same imagery in our photography. It’s part of having an eye. But, knowing what we know now, that these photographs were taken by a woman who is shirking the responsibilities of first lady in favor of suing the Daily Mail over the damage they’ve done to her “brand” by claiming she was once an escort, a woman who has the nerve to refuse to leave her home, even though that refusal comes with a $50 million annual government handout for her security costs, these photographs take on a darker edge.

They appear to be the documentation of changing seasons by a doomed recluse.

Let the world fall down around her—she’s not going anywhere.


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