Many people are unhappy that Donald Trump is in the White House, but one model is extremely grateful. Especially for the new first lady.

The Miami Herald reports that local model Mira Tzur is cashing in on her uncanny resemblance to Melania Trump. She's being paid thousands of dollars to play the first lady.

According to The Miami Herald, Mira Tzur makes $3,000 (plus expenses) per appearance. Tzur says she and Donald Trump impersonator John Di Domenico have been hired to play the first couple eight times so far.


The Israeli-born Tzur told The Miami Herald that she didn't realize she looked like the first lady until a photographer dressed her up as Melania Trump. She couldn't deny the uncanny resemblance.

Tzur has now discovered her Melania-channeling abilities, but she won't be quitting her job to play the first lady full-time quite yet.


"It's not really a second career," Tzur told the Herald. "It's an extension of my existing career."

Well, I'm inspired. Go out there and find a celebrity you look like enough to charge $3000 per appearance. I believe in you all.