Although Melania Trump currently enjoys a taxpayer-funded trial separation away from The Donald in Manhattan, she is still First Lady of the United States. With her title comes an official portrait, hearkening back to her modelling days with an aesthetic straight outta the '90s.

Twitter has some takes on this future addition to the Smithsonian.

1. There's an app for that.


2. She's a '90s girl.

3. Something to remember her by.

4. There were nights when the wind was so cold...

5. Just like the glory days.


6. She's made a huge mistake.

7. Just in case she's hungry.

8. Let's go to the mall.

9. Don't be a suppressive person.


10. Someday we'll find the connection.

11. Forever young.

12. Keep it real.

13. In Donald's dreams.


14. She's a total Regina.

15. In a parallel universe.

16. On point AF.