One family with early 20th Century morals emulating another.

Rep. Michele Bachmann yesterday tweeted out this family photo, along with the question: "Can you tell what our favorite show is?" If I had to guess, I'd say American Pickers, but judging by this image I suppose it's a safe bet that they're also somewhat into Downton Abbey. Or they've at least seen the ads in TV Guide. You can definitely tell that the Minnesota tea party favorite already has one foot out the door of Congress, otherwise she never would have allowed such a blatant association with public television to be seen.

You know, though, Michele actually wouldn't make a terrible Cora Crawley. They're both strong-willed American women who love their children and annoy me if they're on screen for too long. But Marcus... Let's just say he's no Lord Grantham. Thomas maybe. Maybe.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Michele Bachmann