Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields recently filed assault charges against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Since then, she's been receiving death threats ordering her to drop the charges or else. The Blaze obtained audio of one phone call, which is extremely disturbing and unfortunately not altogether uncommon for women in the media.

Here's the transcript of the menacing call.

Fields: Hello?

Creep: I am going to find you Michelle, and I’m going to kill you.

Fields: Okay.


Creep: I know where you live.

Fields: Okay.

Creep: You've got 36 hours to drop the charges. I'm dead serious.

Fields: Or what? What are you gonna do?

Creep: I am going to slit your throat.

Fields: Okay, you have serious issues.


Fields: Anything else? Are you just gonna keep calling me and saying this?

Creep: *Hangs up*

Sources: The Blaze | The Blaze