The Obama family no longer lives in the White House, as painful as it is to admit, and no amount of begging will bring them back (many have tried). But before they left us to move on to smaller and better things, the Obama daughters celebrated their last night in the White House in the most relatable way.

Is there something in my eye??????

During a question-and-answer session at the annual American Institute of Architecture conference, Michelle Obama revealed that Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, didn't want to do anything fancy on their last night in the White House, Huffington Post reports. Instead, they celebrated with the best kind of party: a slumber party.


Said the former FLOTUS:

They had a sleepover, because of course on Inauguration Day—because my girls are so normal — they’re like, ‘Well, eight girls are gonna be sleeping here because it’s our last time, and we want pizza and we want nuggets.' And it’s like, really?


Will we ever have such relatable and likable first daughters again? Hard to imagine Ivanka Trump eating pizza and nuggets. And we already know Melania Trump only eats jewelry.


Apparently Sasha and Malia had a hard time saying goodbye to their home for the past eight years. Said Michelle Obama:

So that moment of transition, right before the doors opened and we welcomed in the new family, our kids were leaving out the back door in tears, saying goodbye to people.

She (jokingly?) added that she herself was trying to keep it together. But not for the reason you think. "I didn’t want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president," she said.


No shame in crying because of the new president, Michelle Obama. You wouldn't be the only one. Some of us are even doing it right now.