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'Red-faced' Mike Pence forced to sit through anti-Trump sermon at MLK church service.

'Red-faced' Mike Pence forced to sit through anti-Trump sermon at MLK church service.


Dr. Maurice Watson, a Maryland pastor, used his sermon on Sunday to respond to President Trump's instantly-infamous "shithole" comments, reported earlier in the week.

This would have gone relatively unnoticed if it weren't for a special guest in the audience: Vice President Mike Pence, the president's favorite.

Mike and Karen Pence were attending the service for "the congregation's honoring of Martin Luther King Jr. Day."

The church posted Dr. Watson's comments on Facebook:

I stand today as your pastor to vehemently denounce and reject any such characterizations of the nations of Africa and of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

And I further say: Whoever made such a statement, whoever used such a visceral, disrespectful, dehumanizing adjective to characterize the nations of Africa, whoever said it, is wrong. And they out to be held accountable.

Mike Pence, apparently sitting in the congregation, doesn't appear in the video in which Dr. Watson calls the president's alleged comments about "shithole" countries "hurtful" and "dehumanizing."

He does appear in this Instagram:

According to local outlet WUSA9, "the Vice President reportedly became visibly red-faced at times throughout the speech."

It's worth noting that Pence has a history of sitting through or walking out of anti-Trump performances.

See: NFL, Hamilton.

It's so tough to be VP and enjoy live entertainment.

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