A newly discovered recording has surfaced of a speech made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On December 7, 1964. Just days before he received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, King gave a major address in London on the state of civil rights and segregation in the United States. The speech was recorded by the European correspondent for Pacifica Radio, and was recently discovered in that network's archives.

In the speech, King admitted that the United States still had many issues that required better solutions, while acknowledging that some progress had been made:

And I try to incorporate or develop what I consider a realistic position, by admitting on the one hand that we have made many significant strides over the last few years in the struggle for racial justice, but by admitting that before the problem is solved we still have numerous things to do and many challenges to meet. And it is this realistic position that I would like to use as a basis for our thinking together tonight as we think about the problem in the United States. We have come a long, long way, but we have a long, long way to go before the problem is solved.

Sources: Mashable | Democracy Now!