The Netherlands started it. Many other countries like Germany and Australia have since hopped on board. And now Namibia is the latest country to join the global trend of mocking the US President with a hilarious video that will make you want to scrap your Canada plans and move to Namibia instead.

Addressed to President Donald Trump from "The United States of Namibia," the video, produced by a local Namibian film company, opens: "Dear Mr. President, this is an introduction video about 'Nam. No, not Vietnam. 'Nam like in Namibia. The best country in Africa. Better than the EU... way better!"


Narrated by Namibia's own "Trump," it goes on to brag about how "the Namibian culture is the best culture in the world, it's true! We have so many tribes and we mix them all to have the best flavor."

The cutting satire just gets better from there. You can watch here:

The voiceover, in perfect Trump cadence, also boasts that Namibia has things that Trump loves, like walls ("we also have a great wall!"), and a tower ("it's huge! And the best thing is, we actually let the North Koreans build it").


And it concludes with a final cheeky jab at Trump's "America first" mentality:

"We totally understand it's going to be America first. We're just not sure on which continent you mean? Because in Africa, well, Namibia is first!"

One thing is certain: Namibia's video making fun of Trump is the greatest video making fun of Trump in the world. So amazing!

Sources: YouTube