With Trump and his merry band of bigots continuing to contemplate an unconstitutional Muslim registry, a satirical Google form circulated calling on a statistically dangerous population to identify themselves: white males.

(Commenters, don't worry. It's satire. For now.)

White men account for 62% of mass shootings in the United States, and a study shows that white extremists have killed more Americans than Jihadists since 9/11.

With this threatening population living among us, it's only right that they register themselves so the government can monitor their behavior to keep tabs on potential violent deeds.


The National Registry of White Males flips the anti-Muslim rhetoric on its thread and highlights the damaging thing white dudes have been statistically known to do:

With Muslims consistently being asked to prove themselves as peaceful, here's what it would look like if other populations were asked to do the same.


Read the whole doc—and register!—here.