Imagine if our current President (Obama is still our President until Friday) tweeted like Donald Trump, a man who inexplicably will be President of the United States of America on Friday.

But imagining things is soooo much work! Thankfully Reddit has done the job for us. Redditor Baz-Ravish recently asked: "If President Obama wrote his tweets the same way that Donald Trump does, what would have been some of his signature tweets over the past 8 years?"


And the internet delivered. Here are some of the best:

1. fknrat:

Bin Laden - bad hombre, gonna be dead soon, Navy SEALS on their way. High energy! Burial at sea!

2. NuclearWarlordGandhi:

Looser @realdonaldtrump is saying that my birth certificate is fake. Fake News! SAD!

3. Sentimies:

People have spread rumours that I was born in Kenya. SAD!

4. k5berry:

WEAK Mitt Romney says he will never care about half the country! HE SHOULD DROP OUT!


5. good-doggo95:

Only LOSERS don't have Healthcare. Pathetic!

6. FratAlbert:

I just made gay marriage legal, I did a tremendous job and the gays love me big league.

7. tamere2k:

Just killed Bin Laden. It wasn't hard. Bush just didn't try. PATHETIC!

8. Numelderp:

Just droned Syria. They didn't even put up a fight! SAD!

9. conradwhitney7​:

These Vice President Biden memes present Joe falsely, he would never be so childish. Fake news.


10. JustHach:

Sorry Haters! #ThanksObama is the top trending hashtag. The people have spoken! What now @FoxNews?

11. WorMWooDGaming:

We're gonna shut down Guantanamo and make Cuba pay for it!

These are all hilarious and on point. And sad! Because this Friday, the ACTUAL PRESIDENT will be tweeting like THIS! System is rigged! What now @FoxNews???

Sources: Reddit