Opal Covey is a self-described "prophetess" who is running for mayor of Toledo for the fifth time, because apparently the first, second, third, and fourth times weren't the charm. Actually, that's not entirely true — according to Covey, she was the rightful winner in the 2013 election, but her votes were stolen because the city is corrupt. So why does Covey keep trying to run for mayor despite these losses and secret forces working against her? Because God sent her to "look upon Toledo," of course.

Covey isn't just trying to ascend to mayor through the grace of the Lord, however. She also has big plans for Toledo's citizens. Namely, filling pot holes and building amusement parks, because amusement parks are "gold mines," and not just because they have mine-themed roller coasters. But be warned, Toledoans: As you can see in the video below, Covey has received a confirmation from God that great horrors will rain down on the city if she is not elected as your mayor.

Sources: NBC 24