Natasha Stoynoff, the People reporter who last month wrote a harrowing account of Donald Trump allegedly sexually assaulting her in 2005, has spoken out about his presidential win. Like many of us, she was neither expecting nor happy about it.

In a new interview, Stoynoff told People she was “heartbroken” over Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump, "mostly at what the results said about so many Americans and what they were thinking, feeling and believing."


Back in October, Stoynoff, 51, wrote an essay for People in which she described how the now president-elect grabbed and forcibly kissed her at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where she was covering his first wedding anniversary with wife Melania in December 2005. Trump responded that these accusations were a "lie," but Stoynoff's account was then corroborated by six witnesses. In the weeks leading up the election, the reporter was joined by 11 other women who also came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault or misconduct throughout his life.

Since Trump's win, Canadian-born Stoynoff said she is “sad but staying hopeful. I have faith in myself to move forward — and in my fellow Americans to band together and aggressively ensure that our laws protecting diversity and human rights not only stay intact but flourish.”


She also said she doesn't regret coming forward. “The hundreds of emails and social media notes and phone calls of support tell me that most Americans want a president who is an honest human being with integrity,” she said. “And that gives me great optimism for the future of our country.”

Let's hope she's right.

Sources: People