There are videos that are weird and Japanese, and then there are videos that
are even weird for the Japanese.

As far as political scandals go, the mystery following Ryutaro Nonomura was pretty dull. Mr. Nonomura is an assemblyman in Hyogo Prefecture (so, like a state politician in the US) who visited a hot springs by long-distance rail travel 106 times last year, racking up $30,000 in expenses. He also didn't keep any receipts. Sure, that's a little funny and it raises a few eyebrows, but no politician worth their salt would get taken down by visiting a spa too many times. All they'd have to do is keep calm, make up a reason they go so often (a bad back, that's a good one), and don't get photographed there with a prostitute. Oh yeah, and remember not to randomly start sobbing and screaming "You don't understand! I want to change this society!" because that will look a little odd and probably go viral. Check below for a transcript.