Earlier in the election, expert pollster Dr. Sam Wang, founder Princeton Election Consortium, made a bet on CNN that he "would eat a bug" if Trump exceeded 240 electoral votes. We all know how that turned out.

No one predicted a Trump win, but CNN made Wang eat his words.

"This is a can of gourmet style crickets... gourmet from the point of view of a pet, I should say," says Wang, preparing to meet his fate.


"Before I do this, let's chat for a second. I think that the eating bug thing is in itself sensationalist and keeps us off of important policy issues, such as Supreme Court appointments," he continued, clearing trying to build the suspense for his upcoming sensationalist act.

"There are things that can happen to bring the country together." says Wang, "I think the bug thing is not one of them. I wanted to point that out."

He asks CNN anchor Michael Smerconish if he is really going to make him go through with this, and not to deny the Fear-Factor ratings potential, Smerconish holds him to his bet.


True to his word, Wang douses the crickets in honey and somberly eats a spoonful, remarking, "A lot of people were wrong, but nobody else made the promise I did."

How did it taste?

"Kind of mostly honey-ish, a little nutty."

Huh, same could be said of cable news.