We know who's getting audited this year.

One of Jimmy Kimmel Live's most popular segments is Mean Tweets, in which celebrities read aloud the cruelest insults that have been written about them on Twitter. Kimmel has gotten some major stars to participate, including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Until last night, however, there had never been a sitting president.

Always eager to show he doesn't take himself too seriously, President Obama read some particularly ignorant tweets on last night's show, and responded with a withering scorn he usually reserves for Congress. The president deserves credit for agreeing to the bit, but even more credit should go to the staff of Jimmy Kimmel Live, who presumably had to sift through thousands of tweets to find the few that aired. They must have rejected countless comments that were either too racist and offensive, or else too incisively critical of Obama's actual policies, to even try to get him to read them.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live