President Obama almost ate it walking off Air Force One earlier today. The real winner here is Chevy Chase, who won't be asked to risk hurting his back again on SNL by doing a falling-presidents gag with Jay Pharoah.

Yes, this is literally a non-story, but what a non-story it is!

As Ted Cruz or John Lennon might have put it, can you imagine? Can you imagine a world where Barack Obama fell down a flight of stairs? On a return flight from a golfing trip, no less?

See also: Madonna eats it falling off stage at British Grammys, learns why capes are a bad idea.

Can you imagine the 24/7 right-wing glee? Can you imagine the stupid jokes pundits would make and then laugh at themselves? Can you imagine the idiotic metaphors about the economy falling down a flight of stairs? CAN YOU IMAGINE IF DRUDGEREPORT.COM WAS FINALLY FORCED TO HANDLE GIFS?

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