So much attention is put on what is coming out of President Trump's mouth, it makes you wonder:

What is going in?

According to AXIOS, who asked the people closest to Trump about his eating habits, this is what the Prez is swallowing:

Red Meat

"Trump loves big steaks, preferably the ones served at his clubs. His butler told the New York Times the steaks would be so well done they would 'rock on the plate," Axios reported.


Trump also brags about the bacon he served as appetizers to guests at his Doral golf resort in Miami. And, much like President Bill Clinton, he loves a Big Mac.


Air Force One keeps original-flavored Lay's potato chips and vanilla-flavored Keebler Vienna Fingers stocked for President Trump. The dude loves his sugar and grease.



President Trump doesn't touch alcohol, but he does drink tomato juice for a "virgin bloody mary." As for caffeine, no coffee for him. According to Axios, "Diet Coke or the occasional full-sugared version when it's a particularly trying day at the office."

Healthy Foods

None. When Axios asked a Trump aide if he had ever seen him eat healthy things like fruit or nuts, the aide said he has "never seen it."


Yikes. With all that red meat and junk food, you'd think Trump would be more excited about healthcare.