The week since the election of Donald Trump has seen outbursts of heinous hate crimes against African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, and LGBTQ people.

A horrifically racist flyer titled "Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men" was distributed Saturday morning in residence hall stairwells at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, featuring propaganda touted by the alt-right, the army of Internet trolls that insists "white identity" is under attack in the United States.

The flyer features racist talking points from alt-right propaganda about black men, saying "He's much more likely to abuse you" and "your kids probably won't be smart."


The flyer directs people to “Take the Red Pill and meet the Alt-Right at,” the white nationalist website run by Richard Spencer. ("The Red Pill" is a reference to The Matrix and is used as a metaphor for liberal indoctrination.)

Fun fact: Twitter recently suspended the accounts of both Radix and Spencer because of hate speech. The Cut also reports that the flyers appeared at the University of Oklahoma on Monday and the University of Michigan earlier in September.


SMU's campus paper says that the university condemned the hateful propaganda and that students are circulating this flyer in response.

President-elect Trump has done nothing to condemn the actions that are being perpetrated by his supporters—and the followers of his Alt-Right Hand Man—other than a simple "Stop it!"

Alas, the "Stop it!" did not stop it.