Social media is a fun stew of selfies, self-promotion, and often, racist rants. But while social media gives a platform to plenty of awful people and their viewpoints, it also provides a platform for some epic clapbacks. Here are the five awesomest, most satisfying examples of racists and ignoramuses getting schooled online.

1. This troll who was offended by a show about black people got an inbox full of trollery:

While claiming that Netflix's Dear White People, a show about black students at an Ivy League university, advocates for the mass murder and extermination of Caucasians, a conservative tweeter going by the handle Baked Alaska accidentally shared his email address with the internet.


Equipped with that info, the internet got to work and subscribed him to 7,000 mailing lists.

One smart spammer even pretended to be a Netflix executive offering alternative programming that better suits Baked Alaska's need for comfort.


Who needs Netflix when you have troll justice for entertainment?

2. This 12-year-old with autism who shut down a classmate's "white and proud" dad:

So the father of my daughters class mate has texted this to my 12 year old!!!! If you know him from the number please judge him accordingly.. the police have been informed!!!

Posted by Gill Turner on Monday, February 27, 2017

Believe it or not, the fact that a classmate's dad was texting a 12-year-old isn't the worst part of this tale. Millie-Grace Turner of Manchester, UK was receiving an avalanche of texts from Dean Sheridan, a father of her classmate in response to a feud between the girls. Sheridan called Millie-Grace's parents a series of slurs, and she stood up to him, took a photo and sent them to the police.


After an unhinged, long rant, Millie-Grace had a solid clapback:

You are REALLY bad at spelling, grammar and punctuation.

"It's important to know that because Millie-Grace is on the autistic spectrum, she often corrects people's grammar. She isn't being rude," Millie-Grace's mom Gill told The Mirror. But the internet did it see it as rude—they celebrated her bravery and fierceness standing up to a racist bully.


3. This mom who dropped a truth bomb in the comments of her son's racist Facebook rant:

When a guy—a true gem of a man—posted a racist meme about "how horrible immigrants are," his friends piled on until his mom jumped in with a big revelation.


Enter Mom:


The dude himself is a foreigner, which isn't an insult unless you're so damn racist.

Now that's quite the way to find out you're adopted. Imagine how he found out that Santa wasn't real.


4. The former president of Mexico, who is trolling President Donald Trump with consistently fiery burns:

Vicente Fox Quesada, former president of Mexico, is using Twitter to go after the biggest racist troll of all: one President Donald Trump.

Highlights include the following clapbacks:


Fox also tweets plenty about "the f**king wall."


Someone give this man a late-night show, stat (We could also use a Hispanic host/a host not named James).

5. The Muslim lawyer who brought the receipts called "history" when a white supremacist asked why there is no 'Christian ISIS':

Zooming in:


That's right, racist. Troll not lest ye be trolled.

Also, read a damn history book.