Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican representing Colorado's 6th district, decided he'd rather not face questions from hundreds of constituents concerned about congress' impending repeal of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. So he did what any spineless, cowardly political hack would do: He snuck out the back door without telling anyone still waiting to see him.

According to the Daily Beast, Coffman and his team hosts regular events in which he chats with voters—but were clearly shocked when so many showed up to speak with him in Aurora, Colorado, on Saturday.

Coffman ended up leaving the event early unbeknownst to the crowd still waiting to see him. "The Representative didn't have a plan. They expected just a small handful of people to show up," Krondia Siebert told the local station. "We were under the understanding it was a town hall meeting and they were only allowing four people in at a time."


Yes, there's even footage of Coffman making his getaway as he's shamed for ducking questions on the dismantling of ACA, which insures 20 million Americans. Truly a profile in courage.

It's almost as if people don't want to get rid of an imperfect healthcare system if we're just going to replace it with... nothing? But don't worry, Coffman—you can always visit all these people at the hospital later. Bring your checkbook.

Sources: Daily Beast