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Republican senator gets schooled by 16-year-old Planned Parenthood supporter.

Republican senator gets schooled by 16-year-old Planned Parenthood supporter.


Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) faced a tough crowd full at his Mesa, Arizona, town hall event on April 13. But one person who stood out in particular was a 16-year-old girl who identified herself as Deja Foxx. Foxx questioned the Republican senator's support for de-funding Planned Parenthood, and honestly, he was no match for her.

Here's how their conversation went:

FOXX: Jeff Flake. My name is Deja Foxx, and I’m a 16-year-old from Tucson. I just want to state some facts. So, I’m a young woman, and you’re a middle-aged man.

FLAKE: Ouch!

FOXX: I’m a person color and you’re white. I come from a background of poverty, and I didn’t always have parents to guide me through life. You come from privilege. So I’m wondering, as a Planned Parenthood patient and someone who relies on Title X, who you are clearly not, why it’s your right to take away my right to choose Planned Parenthood, and to choose no-copay birth control, to access that. So if you can explain that to me, I would appreciate it.

FLAKE: Well, thank you. I’m glad to hear of my privileged childhood. I have a few of my sisters here. I’m one of 11 kids, I’m right in the middle of 11. I didn’t grow up privileged, I paid for my college on my own, all on my own, so could I have — I do have — I am fortunate, I am fortunate that I do have a wonderful job representing the state of Arizona and I, and I want to …

FOXX: Privilege comes in many forms.

FLAKE: You bet it does, and I’ve had a lot of advantages that others haven’t, and what I want is to make sure that everyone can realize the American dream that all of us have been successful at. So that’s that’s what I’m trying to do, and that’s why I support the policies that I support.

FOXX: And if no-copay birth control is helping me to be successful, to reach for higher education, and Planned Parenthood is doing that as well, why would you deny me the American dream?

FLAKE: Thank you, that’s a great question. I wouldn’t deny anybody the American dream.

FOXX: Then support Planned Parenthood

FLAKE: Thank you.

FOXX: No, thank you.

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