The Republican primary cycle of 2015-2016 will be remembered for two things: Donald Trump and the Undercard Debate, aka the kids' table. Airing at 6pm Eastern Time on CNN, just getting off work early enough to watch this is a true testament to patriotic fervor. So what's the headline from this one? First, they sorta denounced/distanced themselves/mildly criticized Trump's Muslim ban. Then, a vigorous debate about foreign policy where everyone wanted to vow to kill ISIS and punish Putin for being a bully—but while Mike Huckabee was typically folksy, Rick Santorum typically frustrated that he was on this stage and George Pataki typically mystified as to why he was invited, the breakout star was angry, angry Lindsey Graham. Quoting Princess Bride and ripping on Putin's pecs, Lindsey Graham showed all the depth and energy that makes his almost-definitely-hopeless candidacy so endearing. Here are X tweets from some of the brave men and women who actually watched this: