The imaginary #ResistanceRadio station caused a very real uproar on Friday with Trump-supporting accounts seeing the hashtag trending and railing against it on Twitter. Now before you applaud or denounce this "Resistance Radio" station, you should know it has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren.

Here's the thing, Resistance Radio is just Amazon promoting the latest season of The Man In The High Castle. They created a fake radio station that rails against Nazis—Nazis in the most literal sense of the word—because again, this is a promotion for a TV show imagining the Nazis prevailing in World War Two and taking over America.


But here's the other thing—Twitter trolls saw the hashtag and took the concept seriously, protesting in earnest against a fake radio station that denounces the Third Reich.

Here's an especially ironic tweet railing against a fake radio station.

It's easy to imagine the people behind these conservative Twitter accounts did not actually listen to the material on the fake radio station. More likely, they saw the word "resistance" and freaked out about a supposedly liberal media outlet. If you visit the link for Resistance Radio, it's clearly just a promotion.


Our voices will be heard. Resistance Radio is broadcasting LIVE now:

Posted by The Man in the High Castle on Monday, March 6, 2017

But for the record, AV Club characterizes the fake radio chatter as "talk about standing up to Nazis [and] urging listeners to keep the fight alive in a nation that's been overrun by fear, oppression, and authoritarian rule."

Do you think that might trigger any of the following accounts?

On the other side of the spectrum, #ResistanceRadio has, indeed, become a rallying cry to highlight anti-Trump sentiment. These people have also ignored the idea of a TV promotion, and are now just enjoying a new hashtag.


So it seems like, really, everyone's politicizing something that's all about a TV show, giving it endless promotion and free publicity. The real winner here... is clearly Amazon. The Man In The High Castle does sound interesting.

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