A sex scandal involving the Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, and a senior advisor named Rebekah Caldwell Mason has escalated to the point that the governor resigned on Monday, the New York Times reported.

Governor Bentley's scandalous relationship with Rebekah Mason led to a "series of criminal investigations" into the governor's misuse of campaign funds and resulted in impeachment hearings on Monday morning. But that's not even the juicy part.

An attorney charged with investigating Bentley before his impeachment hearings filed a bombshell report on Friday filled with 3,000 salacious pages that, according to, "at times reads more like a cheap romance novel than a legal report."


The pages include a metric ton of intimate texts sent between the governor in the course of his affair, collected by none other than BENTLEY'S EX-WIFE from the governor's iPad.

But it wasn't just his wife's iPad connected to his unofficial business. The governor also likely, according to reports from 2016, bought multiple burner phones to text his mistress.


"Gov. Robert Bentley's ex-wife Dianne Bentley turned over a trove of text messages she captured using her iPad, which was connected to Gov. Bentley's iPhone," wrote "Many of them are romantic texts between the governor and his aide, Rebekah Mason; others are between the governor and Dianne."

Here's a sampling:


Bentley: Let's go away

Rebekah: Come away with me

Bentley: I'm ready

Bentley: Sweet thing

Rebekah: You handsome wonderful amazing delicious funny sweet man

Bentley: You are wonderful my sweet love

Bentley: I miss you

Rebekah: I am forever yours



Bentley: I want you now

Rebekah: Come get me

Rebekah: You take such beautiful care of me

Bentley: I want to love you

Rebekah: I want that

Bentley: To touch you

Rebekah: I know that

Bentley: [Two heart emojis]

Bentley: I will dream of you

Rebekah: Good night sweet Robert. Dream of me

Rebekah: Please


Bentley: You look beautiful and feel so soft

Rebekah: You sweet thing

Bentley: I'm so in love with you [heart eyes emoji] [heart eyes emoji]

Bentley: We are pitiful

Rebekah: Poor Rocky

Bentley: Poor Robert

Bentley: Poor Rebekah

Rebekah: Yes... Bless our hearts..

Rebekah: And other parts

Bentley: Magnetic



Bentley: I love you Rebekah [heart eyes emoji] [heart eyes emoji]

Rebekah: Can you use your other phone?

Bentley: Sorry, no

Bentley: Hey

Bentley: I love you


Bentley: Good morning

Bentley: Please let me know what number works

Rebekah: This one

Bentley: Does our phone work

Rebekah: No. My T Mobile does not.

Bentley: Well we may just have to delete

Rebekah: Your other phone works.

Bentley: What line will be best

Rebekah: You text this 205 number from your Private Rebekah phone.

Bentley: Ok did not think it worked only have this now . Will change in few minutes

Rebekah: It worked 9:38 last night


Read the full collection over at, if you can stomach it.