On Wednesday, Donald Trump met with Pope Francis—while Sean Spicer fumed that he didn't get an invitation, according to CNN.

"Spicer assumed he would be on the list," according to an unnamed "administration official," who said the Catholic Spicer has a "bucket list" of things he wants to do as press secretary.

On that list? Meeting the Pope. Not on that list? Being mocked mercilessly for wearing the wrong tie. Guess which one he's checked off so far?


At the papal meeting—attended by Melania, Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster—water turned to memes as the world laughed and laughed at some tremendously awkward photo ops.

But imagine how much more hilarious Spicer would have made it.

Picture Spicer on the right—bumbling about the Young Pope.

Said a White House source to CNN: "Wow. That's all he wanted." The fact that Spicer didn't get to see the Pope should "very much" reflect on the president's view of him.


This might be the only time that liberals/anyone has ever felt bad for Sean Spicer.

Maybe next time, Spicy.